Why does the internet slow down?

When we are in the virtual space of the Internet, we hope that the money that has been paid to the provider of our Internet connection will work for us. However, it is not always the case. Often, the Internet "slows down." Sites are not loaded, a video clip or audio recording, permanent errors and so on are not played. Is the provider alone to blame? Let's see.

Why Internet slows down - causes

Check your computer settings. The fact is that the speed of a computer on the Internet depends on it. Software and its settings for working with a computer can slow down the work of the Internet. As an example, we can recall an application such as Firewall. It checks all information coming from the network in accordance with certain rules. Its work requires certain, sometimes significant system resources, which ultimately can greatly affect the operation of the Internet.

In addition to the Firewall, there are programs that work on the principle of p2p. This, for example, uTorrent, BitComet, eMule, P2P TV and so on.These programs can work with a large number of connections, however many modern operating systems prohibit a computer from establishing a large number of connections. This fact significantly slows down the work of the Internet.

Another reason is the work of various kinds of active programs that either give out information or accept it. As a rule, they work in the background, but despite this, they occupy the necessary number of connections for their work. Thus, with the simultaneous operation of several programs, we get a greater load on the connections and resources of the computer. In this regard, the browsing pages are very few connections. As a result, everything is very slowly loaded, and we begin to look for the reason why the Internet speed has dropped.

Another reason why Internet slows down is the opening of a web page that contains complex graphical solutions. Recently, many sites use flash technology, which are costly computer resources. If your computer has a weak video card and the amount of RAM is small, then you may experience problems with the speed of loading them when browsing flash sites.

Also on your computer can be installed a large number of programs that run in the background, but do not need to connect to the Internet. In this case, they occupy a large amount of computer resources, and as a result, there are very few opportunities for a fast Internet browser. If you think that you do not need some of these programs, it is better to remove them or include them only when necessary.

Another reason for the slow Internet is the incorrect operation of anti-virus systems. Such antiviruses as Kaspersky or EsetNOD32, can significantly affect the speed of the Internet. However, it is not recommended to work on the Internet without the use of antivirus, as this may damage your computer. There are viruses that can steal your personal data and even break computer system devices. The problem is that antiviruses can be configured incorrectly, which greatly affects the speed of the Internet connection.

Also, the speed of the Internet depends on the other side. If the site where you are located, transmits information via low-speed channels in order to avoid overloading, then you will not be able to increase the speed of this connection. In this case, do not worry. It does not depend on you.You can visit the site at a time when the number of its users is equal to low values. For example, at night.

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