Why is the modem turned off?

When choosing a modem in a store, they always pay attention to the speed of data transfer, the availability of a wireless Wi-Fi network and signal strength. Often also look at the functionality of the modem and the presence of fine-tuning. However, many people prefer to buy the cheapest modem that suits them, not thinking that it can be unreliable or short-lived.

It is then that there is a problem with the arbitrary modem shutdown from time to time. Consider the question why the modem is turned off.

Why idle modem is constantly shutting down

A regular modem can be permanently disconnected for several reasons:

  • Overheating modem. Usually low-quality cheap modems tend to overheat from work and disconnect. If you download large files from the Internet for a long time, the modem will start to overload and overheat. Then it turns off and goes into reboot. In this case, it is better to give preference to reliable brand modems, for example, from Asus.
  • The usb wire is out or damaged.One of the common reasons for disconnecting a modem may be that the wire from the modem to the computer is not properly connected and goes off or the wire is damaged. In the second case, you should replace the wire and look at the modem for some time. In the first case, you need to change the connection socket on the computer to a less shattered one, because it is known that over time the usb-nests tend to wear out from constant work with them.
  • Software Error. The modem may constantly reboot due to a software error. You will need to reinstall the modem firmware. If there is a new firmware, then you should download and install it.
  • Viruses on the computer. Viruses on your computer can interfere with the normal operation of the modem. You should install antivirus and clean your computer from malware.
  • Missing the right drivers. In this case, the modem will not be detected by the computer as a device. You need to install the necessary drivers that come with the modem or install the drivers for the network card.

However, in the case of usb-modems from mobile operators of the mobile Internet, everything can be different.Consider the problem of disabling mobile Internet modems.

Why is the mobile modem disconnecting

Here are some standard reasons why the mobile internet usb modem can be disconnected from time to time:

  • unreliable usb-input in the computer. Over time, the sockets can wear out and this can affect the connection of the mobile modem. Simply insert the modem into another slot;
  • line load. It often happens that multiple users can connect to one communication tower of a mobile operator at the same time. Then there will be a problem with connecting the modem to the mobile Internet. The modem may turn off from time to time;
  • modem overheating. Due to downloading a large amount of information, the modem may overheat and shut down;
  • viruses can also interfere with the normal operation of the mobile modem;
  • The necessary drivers are not installed. You need to install mobile modem drivers from the installation disk or flash drive.

If you yourself are not able to correct the problem, then you should contact the master in the service center.