Why dream of a bear

Female dream book

Why dream of a bear woman? This beast always personifies a formidable sense of rivalry in various matters. To see a young girl - to meet with the failure or insidious opponent. Kill this beast in a dream - to find ways to resolve a difficult situation.

Family Dream

The keen desire of the enemy to destroy you - this is what the attacking beast dreams about. But taking the necessary measures and special wisdom will help avoid serious danger. If the animal runs away - it is worth waiting for minor troubles, which you can still easily get rid of. If you try to lure the bear behind you against the background of the natural objects present (forest, river) - the likelihood of a change of collective is high.

A bear is a strong and dangerous animal, and events that foreshadow dreams with its participation cannot pass unnoticed. Read the interpretation of dreams with the participation of this beast, to protect themselves from possible problems.

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Why dream of a bear
Why dream of a bear

Russian people's dream book

A bear in a dream is a sign of cruel, brute and evil power. If you pretend to be dead to protect against an attacking animal, then this indicates a danger that you will still be able to overcome.

Modern dream book

The dreamed bear promises the enemy and waging the strongest struggle in any sphere of life.

If he succeeds in killing him, then in reality a way out of the previously hopeless circumstances will be surely found. But to see Mishkin's lair - to meet with troubles.

When he dreams of a woman, what is it for? And this means that in reality a woman will face on the way with a rival or with misfortune.

The polar bear does not promise anything good in the present life - under false prosperity frauds and failures are possible, under the masks of friends the worst enemies will hide, rivals will try to push you to the long positions with all their might.

Victorious against all enemies will be seen the skin of a polar bear.

Eating the meat of this beast in a dream - in reality, put your hand to the property of a foe or play a wedding.

Running from him means trying to run away from your enemies.

Establishment in a dream of friendship with a waking animal is connected to repentance of something.

Dreamed he caught you? This is to incredible cash costs.

To see a bear from afar or strike him a blow - to the foreshadowing of a miracle or the departure of a relative to the next world.

When meeting with a trained bear in a dream, you can meet a calm and compliant person or partner with whom life will turn into a cloudless one.

I saw a polar bear unmarried girl - to the expectation of a quick wedding.

Freund's Dream

A dream in which a bear was wounded or even killed - in reality it will mean that a person does not know the approach to the opposite sex and experiences special difficulties during communication, for overcoming which he needs help. We must find a partner who can help in this matter and eliminate all fears.

Hunting for him - trying to endear a person who cheated you with their attention.

To run away from this animal is to have sexual intercourse in a place where you would never allow yourself to do this.

See the bear with the kids - have sex, promising in the future a lot of trouble.

The dream of fighting with him indicates a special and even painful love for parents, which you decide to transfer to your partner.

Bear in raspberry thickets promises to pay attention to someone else's sexual partner.

Children's dream book

With a positive and kind disposition, the newly-made friend merely covers up his insidious soul — this is what dreams bears children about.

Dream Interpretation of Meridian

Indicates the appearance of the enemy dreamed brown bear. A woman who meets with such a beast, in reality, can meet the strongest rival.

The inability to repay a debt is what a brown bear is dreaming about, showing a performance in a circus arena.

Small Veles dream

Just contemplate the bear in reality promises a date with an important person, the return of her husband, victory over the enemy, getting a win and the appearance on the threshold of matchmakers.

When he dances, it's about money.

Saw an animal of black color - to the disease.

When the beast managed to grab you and dump you on the ground - great losses or illness are possible.

Hunting it means serious danger.

Get his skin - get wealth.

Eating his meat - use the property of the enemy or expect a wedding.

The emergence of fears promises a dream about how you drink bear milk.

Dream Aesop

The battle in a dream with him in reality predicts a terrible injustice.

To pretend to be lifeless from a bear is to be distinguished by quick wits, which will make it easy to find a way out of the impasse.When in a dream your friend is watching this process, then in reality he will show his dishonesty.

A wounded beast foreshadows the suffering of gossip.

Unpleasant things are promised by a bear house found in a dream.

Bear with cubs in a dream indicates the improper upbringing of your children.

When a bear skin is cut in a dream - in reality you can expect an argument that has arisen over a trifling matter.