Why do girls cry?

Girls are very interesting creations. In addition to the usual set of functions of Homo Sapiens, girls, unlike guys, fit in themselves a lot of small things, often simply incomprehensible to the male mind. The girl may, in the opinion of the guy, be offended for no reason, she can change her decision at once, and sometimes even cry for no good reason.

This behavior is often incomprehensible to men, it disarms them and leads to a dead end. And it is no wonder if a guy is ready to understand why girls cry in order to continue to know how to behave in a similar situation.

Nerve nerves

But not everything is so simple. The causes of female tears can be very many, and they are very rarely repeated. That is, if today a girl is crying because her beloved person did not give flowers, then tomorrow she may cry from the fact that flowers are presented, and she wanted a chocolate or a ring.

The reason for this behavior can be a banal lack of attention from the guy, and so the girl just tries to draw attention to her person. In another way, she can’t or doesn’t want to reach out to a man’s heart or wallet, because she’s used to tearing down all her problems from her childhood.

Also, the tears of a girl can be a powerful device for manipulating a man. Crying, for example, in the store, the girl from the man gets everything she wants. The same situation with the solution of various issues. If a girl can not achieve the desired result with arguments, then why not use her tears? After all, this "weapon" beats without a miss - the man immediately becomes more compliant.

Tears of pain

Female tears can also have a perfectly normal cause: pain. If a person cries from pain, the girl will always understand him, as tears often help to ease her own suffering. And there is nothing shameful about this, because, having splashed out a stream of negative energy, it becomes much easier for a girl, and for any person, and problems or pain don't seem so terrible.

Tears as a result of depression

If a girl is constantly crying, it can speak about her depressive state or about a rather serious illness of a psychological nature. Rare tears for relief is a normal phenomenon for a girl, but if tearfulness is a permanent condition, it is necessary to find the reason for this.This can be both the inability to solve a problem - it can be dealt with on its own, and a serious illness when it is necessary to consult specialists for treatment.

Tears in bed

Also, a man may face a situation where a girl cries during sex. The situation is not very pleasant, but, most likely, there is nothing wrong with that. The reason may be that for the first time a girl will be so pleased that she wanted to express it somehow. Why tears? Here is how it happened. Of course, a girl may cry in pain, but then a man himself will have to understand this, after analyzing his behavior in bed.

Whatever the causes of women's tears, the man to the end still will not understand them. You can try to do it, and the girl will appreciate it. But it’s still better to just love a girl and take care of her, and take the rest as a must-have addition. After all, it is not worth fighting with the fact that it’s not so clear.