Why is the internet slow?

Now that almost all work and entertainment with a computer is done online, the slow internet can become a serious irritant. The users are familiar with the situation when yesterday the Internet worked fast, and today the speed suddenly dropped dramatically. In this article we will find out why the Internet is slow and how this problem can be solved.

Why the Internet is slow: reasons

Consider the reasons for the slow Internet and ways to solve them.

Browser difficulties

The Internet is not only a browser, but also Skype, ICQ, a mail program and much more. All these services also require resources, often slowing the work of the Internet. Try turning off all these programs one by one and check the speed of the Internet. Having identified a braking Internet program, the easiest way is to simply reinstall it. If the programs work well, and only the browser slows down, then the problem is there.

If you really do not want to part with your browser, try to understand its settings.In the connection settings, uncheck the box next to "Accessing the Internet through a proxy server". Perhaps the speed of the Internet will increase.

If this does not help, simply reinstall this browser or install a new one.

Automatic system update

If automatic updating of the system has started on your computer, all programs can start working much slower, and the Internet speed will drop dramatically. We advise you to abandon automatic updates and update the system at a convenient time for you manually. To do this, in the program settings, select "Disable automatic update".

Many programs are updated independently, slowing down the work of the Internet and downloading a lot of unnecessary information.

It slows down the work of the Internet and the simultaneous downloading of large volumes of information or the installation of a voluminous program.


If you do not use a licensed antivirus program, there is a high probability that the Internet speed has dropped due to the activity of viruses on your computer.

Install a high-quality antivirus and check your computer for viruses, and it will not be superfluous to scan not only drive C, but all the other drives.

Hardware problems

Probably, everything is much simpler and the Internet cable was damaged, the router was frozen or broke. Try restarting the router and checking the cable. Unfortunately, it seems difficult to distinguish a working cable from a broken one, but there are companies that check the cable with the help of special equipment.

Also, the speed may fall if you use a Wi-Fi router. Such routers can be interfered with by the operation of a microwave oven or radio. Move the router away from the intended source of interference or use a wired connection.

ISP problems

If you notice that the Internet speed decreases under certain weather conditions or at a specific time of day, then it is likely that your provider installed the equipment incorrectly. Perhaps it is shifted by strong gusts of wind, or simply can not cope with the load. Be sure to contact customer service and report the problem.

Carefully read the terms of the contract. Some providers have an artificial speed limit if you downloaded too much information during the month.In this case, you can try to change the tariff for a more suitable for you, or change the provider.