Why is the child naughty?

Between the ages of one and five, every child undergoes a restructuring. At this time, he begins to acquire new experience, more acutely experience emotional conflicts, as well as more understanding of different situations. It is during this period that the child is constantly naughty, having learned that in addition to the word "yes", there is also the word "no."

Pediatricians call this age "the first age of stubbornness." The next period of stubbornness lasts from 12 to 14 years. So unexpectedly docile children become stubborn, obstinate and capricious. They refuse to fulfill any demands and can behave extremely ugly: shout, cry, stomp their feet, throw various objects on the floor in order to achieve what they want.

The causes of these hysterical seizures are very simple, but it is difficult for an adult to recognize them immediately. And parents start to wonder why a child is naughty.

The kid got sick

The child begins to act up and cry if he is sick. Young children themselves can not understand what exactly is happening with their body, unlike adults.This uncertainty scares the baby, he not only does not know what is with him, but he cannot help himself.

Behavior change is the main symptom of the onset of the disease. At this point, parents should look at their child and be very polite with him, despite the fact that the child is naughty. What to do if persuasion does not help? Try to talk with the baby, ask what worries him, why he is angry (annoyed, crying, etc.). Make an inspection, if you see fit, consult a doctor. You should not self-medicate if it seems to you that something is wrong.

We must be prepared for the fact that during the time of illness all children are extremely capricious, and often the child is naughty at night. The kid in this state cannot play, run, he lies in bed and suffers. Then he immediately becomes the center of attention. Here you have to be careful. Often, a child is bought any sweets, toys, fruits and indulges absolutely all his whims. So the baby realizes that when he is sick, his parents and relatives are ready to do everything for him, he can begin to resort to the simulation of the disease. Therefore, the main thing for parents in this situation is not to overdo it.

The child calls for communication

Another reason when a child is very naughty is the lack (from the point of view of the child) of communication with parents. He needs parental love. It should be noted that when the baby is surrounded by excessive attention and care, he may unconsciously begin to abuse them. Already by the age of one year, the crying and crying of a child may not only mean that he wants to drink or eat.

Any child needs to communicate, but still you should not run to him at every cry to fulfill all desires. The result may be the formation of a child's thoughts - with the help of a scream, you can get the attention of adults to your person. Be attentive to the child, try to understand the deep meaning of his behavior, what he really wants. You may just ask this child.

The requirement of attention to yourself manifests itself in different ways. A child is naughty at bedtime and demands to go to his room to turn off the light or read a fairy tale. As a rule, parents respond with the words: “Stop whining!”, But these remarks have no effect. After some time, the child continues to do the same and is more naughty.

In order to avoid nervous disorders and whims, it is necessary to try to spend more time with your child, to communicate with him. The baby will feel more confident and feel safe. It is necessary to use all available opportunities for communication. If parents are busy with household chores and are not able to communicate with their child, then it is worth simply to pay periodic attention to the baby, tell him a couple of phrases. He will be very happy about it.

Also, do not forget that when communicating with your baby you should always be natural and sincere. Children immediately feel false. Before communicating with the child, each parent should tune in, remove irritation and try to forget about their worries. Then the time spent with your baby will bring joy to both.

You can also try to spend more family holidays. A great option is to invent some surprises, scenes, contests and other entertainment for the whole family. In addition, you can simply visit the theater, cinema or go to the countryside.

Reaction to parental ban

Sometimes parents deny their baby something, forbid to do what he really likes.On your part, the reasons for the refusal may be very different. The problem is how to explain these reasons to a small child.

It’s often hard for a kid to understand why something is “impossible”. The vagaries of precisely because of misunderstanding, they are considered a child as an injustice. Parents should explain why now it is impossible, what the consequences may be, etc. Do not forget about the features of the physiology and psyche of the child in different periods of development.

Often parents love their child so much that they are ready to buy him too many toys. After some time, all these toys begin to bother the baby, and the child is very naughty. In order to avoid such a situation, you should not give him all the toys at once, you just need to periodically change them among themselves.

Curiosity and excess interest

By the age of three, the baby begins to become more familiar with the world around him. At this time, he is trying to become a full member of the family. He wants to participate absolutely in all household chores, thereby realizing his own significance. At this age, the child begins to copy the world of adults, but this behavior is often stopped.Parents still think their child is small for this or that business. And again it turns out that the aspirations of the child are limited for reasons that are completely incomprehensible to him, because he is "already big." In most cases, the child’s help is negligible, but still it’s not worth stopping his desire for help. So, if the mother starts to wash, then you should give your baby a small bowl of soap and allow, for example, to wash her socks.

Conduct a dialogue with your baby as an adult, let it show adulthood, and if something is really impossible, be sure to explain it. Such a position will help reduce the manifestations of capricious behavior.

Stress resistance

No matter how harmful and capricious your child was, remember that once it will grow. You are an adult, so the responsibility lies with you. A small defenseless child can not understand that you get up at 7 am, and already 4 in the morning, and that if you do not sleep, you will not be able to work normally.