Wonderful decor ideas from rope and rope

If you are tired of seashells and other traditional coastal decor, we offer a non-trivial idea - a rope in the role of decoration for the interior.

The decor of the rope, which you freely make your own hands, is also interesting from a practical point of view.

First, given its unreliability, the rope can be used as a strong suspension, replacing traditional hooks and chains.

Secondly, pay attention to the amount of rope: thanks to him, you can quickly cope with the decoration and spend a minimum of money, and the result will be quite impressive and certainly extraordinary.

So, if in the nautical style you are attracted not by elegance, but brutality, then in this guide you will find many interesting ideas: what can be made of a rope for the interior and garden.

We will also touch on the "fine cousin of the rope" - the rope. But we confine ourselves to two of its natural species - jute and hemp (from the latter just make sea ropes).Rope in the role of decor will be optimal in those cases when you want to create a more elegant decoration, including - for an easy accessory.

In addition, we are sure: everyone who likes not only the nautical style, but also eco and country, should take note of these ideas!

Rope and interior decoration

Like special little things? Decorate the usual elements of the interior decor of the rope or rope. Or create a completely new subject of your personal authorship.

Thick rope will easily act as a pick-up for linen curtains, fine - you can wrap a flower pot or make a creative screen. The rope will also come out: a colonial mirror frame, towel hooks or a nautical-style rug.

Fold the thick rope into rings, glue it together - and you will get a basket or pencil holder. And if you wrap a rope some weight and twist it into a beautiful knot - the door closes at the wrong time will not bother you anymore, the original decor will be an excellent stopper.

Rope and wood shelves

So what can be done from a rope? For a start, it can be applied for its intended purpose - to hold heavy objects. The rope, threaded through the holes in the boards, looks amazingly impressive.The upper part of the rope can be hung from the ceiling, ceiling beams, window slopes or other elements.

Such shelves can be suspended in a pantry, above the window, in the office - and you will have a wonderful, but at the same time - practical interior detail. In the nursery or teenager, you can add cards, shells and other sea souvenirs to such a shelf - the room of your child will look like a cabin of a real “sea wolf”.

Decor for lamps

You can tie a floor lamp leg with a tight rope, thin it to glue it to the base of the desk lamp from the bottom up, and put a banal suspension of a ceiling lamp into the rope.

Want even in dark cold evenings to bask in the memory of the sea? Get off the mezzanine New Year's garland and wrap it with a thin rope.