Zeonbud channels in Ukraine. What does the Ukrainian viewer watch?

Zeonbud channels in Ukraine. What does the Ukrainian viewer watch?Everything that Zeonbud will give him, and these are 32 free channels, and, in my opinion, they even want to add several paid packages. And what is watching Ukrainian TV viewer?


—In Ukraine, the attitude to the encoding is very different. Someone supports, and someone is strongly opposed. How do you feel about mandatory signal coding?


The most important task for us is to provide the quality of services provided by Zeonbud. What these means, as a rule, in markets where the signal is not encoded, mass import of cheap fake, "gray" boxes from China begins. In this regard, the user can not receive high-quality content, the box can: disconnect, may break, may display poorly the picture on your tv screen. And in this case - one of the incentives to close the signal - this is just the control of the boxes. Then their import can be regulated and controlled, which means that both we and the box manufacturers and the Zeonbud company are responsible for the quality of the content that the viewer will receive.The second point is the protection of the signal from unlicensed viewing in other territories bordering with Ukraine - this moment will be completely excluded.


- For content users it will be essential: do they watch the coded signal, or not?


I think not, because 32 Zeonbud channel in Ukraine will be free. The fact is that in the hands of the viewer, when using the encoding, a 100% quality set-top box will fall already. This is guaranteed by us and Zeonbud. If someone, for any reason, wishes to install another box, then all the flaws, breakdowns, and interference will be on the user's conscience. In Russia, by the way, the same thing - the signal will be coded.


Do you think it will be possible to manipulate the fact that the user will be forced to buy that particular set-top box that you are recommended. If it costs, say, 500 hryvnia, and gray - 250, then the viewer will have to buy the one that is more expensive.


In general, T2 technology is quite new, and even in Europe, the T signal is more common. It is clear that not all at once. Any success is achieved by trial and error. Here it is necessary to ensure the indisputable quality of format 12, because a poor-quality signal will entail a problem for the audience, and claims to the operator will begin.


- You work in the CIS countries, how do you look at the development of our country?


I love. Just in your territory is very developing such an option as television via the Internet. The only thing that is hindering is the abundance of sites with pirated content; this really hinders the development of the direction. But I think when the authorities find a regulatory system, there will be a big boom in the development of TV in the network. Statistics show that the world and consumers are becoming truly digital. This means that viewers are interested in new directions in the world of information, and we are not standing still, but are in the stage of active development.


Zeonbud channels in Ukraine. An active discussion of the need for coding is conducted both on the sidelines of the National Council and online. The main question is whether such a decision of the National Council will not lead to the fact that Zeonbud will artificially limit access to the market for companies that supply set-top boxes, and whether the National Council is not exaggerating its functions. After all, we are going to monopolize the market of boxes in our country. It is not clear why, in essence, the political organization dictates its conditions on the media market, and to whom the money will go into the pocket, which honest viewers will definitely pay. You can say one thing - do not succumb to provocations, even if such large-scale ones.Choose what and how to watch on TV, only you, and no one has the right to dictate their terms. Remember that freedom can always be found on the Internet, because online television is developing at a rapid pace. And, of course, you will always be saved by a personal satellite dish tuned to the channels that interest you most.