Zeyn Malik plans to make an offer Gigi Hadid

Once Zayn had already made Gigi a proposal, but she refused, explaining that she did not want to rush to marriage (and at 23, you can understand her). However, the young man’s perseverance is clearly not to occupy, because he intends to achieve her heart and hand at all costs.

“They had been discussing this issue for a long time, but then none of them was ready for such a serious step. After breaking up, Zayn radically changed his views on things, he is very afraid to lose Gigi again. We are already looking after the ring, so, most likely, the wedding is just around the corner, ”one of the musician’s friends told the Hollywood Life publication. Well, we are waiting for news of the engagement, but for now the only one who is not very happy about the reunion of the couple is the younger sister Gigi Bella Hadid. “Zane is sensitive, emotional, with a lot of internal unresolved problems, and Bella is afraid that he can break Gigi's heart. She already had to support her sister during the break with Zane, and she remembers how hard it was. Bella doesn’t want Gigi to suffer again, ”said an insider.